What I’ve Learned Today

Posted on December 30, 2006. Filed under: Personal |

I’ve correlated my experiences with the ideas from the articles in “2006 LifeHack Review: Best 50 hacks for your Life“.

Spend time with friends. They’re invaluable. (Yes, But Do People Like You?)

They are a part of me. I should always consider spending time with them. I grow with them.

Don’t thinnk too much of yourself. (Yes, But Do People Like You?)

I remember a quote saying that when juggling things everything is like a glass ball and the only rubber ball is work. Friends, family, loved ones are crystal balls.

Last night I didn’t go to the movies with my friends. Bad decision and I didn’t sleep quite as well. Reason for not going: Sick girlfriend. I dunno I was feeling uneasy because she’s at home sick and I’m having fun. It’s not that I can’t have fun without her, I don’t know.

Don’t allow the idea of failure to enter your mind. (Precious Moments)

There are no failures; only actions that didn’t turn out as you anticipated. Take them and track exactly what happened, using that knowledge to produce still more alternatives — this time, backed up by actual experience.

Now I know what to do in those type of situations (like last night).
I should’ve been more honest. I shoudn’t have said yes on going.

Just do it. Keep on doing something. Act. (The Simplest Path to Success)

At work that day, Lois confesses her confusion to her closest friend, Juanita. Juanita is fascinated and wants to know Lois’ secret for real lifestyle improvement.

“I don’t have one,” Lois tells her. “I never did. I’m as puzzled as you are. I just kept doing things. Most were really small, dumb actions. The kind of things anyone with half a brain would have seen needed to be done. I’m not clever enough to come up with proper plans. I guess they worked out.”

Too many of us swallow the prevailing myths of our society: that our problems all lie outside ourselves; and we have to spend time getting our minds and emotions in order—or motivating ourselves—before we can tackle the problems in our lives. Believe either of them and you’ll never advance much beyond where you are today. Actions alone make a difference. Not necessarily big, dramatic ones either.

You don’t need a life plan. You don’t need motivation, self-confidence, peer support or even luck. All you need is the willingness to take the next most obvious step—then repeat the process again and again, regardless of how you feel. Try it. Happiness comes from seeing the results of your efforts. You don’t need it before you start.


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this user account just quotes parts of this site… I don’t get it

Hi gobber. Yes I did that and correlated them a bit with my own learnings.

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